Research Article: Exploring Attitudes of .NET Developers Toward New Technologies

It’s a brand new year and what a better way to start out the new year but with a research article…

The challenge for all technology innovators is to ensure their technologies stay relevant for users who consume the technology, remain important to the developers who develop with the technology and adapt to competitive forces in a constantly changing technology landscape. One important aspect of business intelligence is to track the opinions and attitudes of developers. Based on the results of a September 2010 survey of DiscountASP.NET customers, general attitudes of ASP.NET web developers toward new technologies are explored, including MVC 3, Silverlight, HTML 5 and Internet Explorer 9. The survey results are viewed using different comparisons and segmentation techniques to observe underlying trends.

Here’s a link to the article:

Exploring Attitudes of ASP.NET Web Developers toward New Technologies:
Silverlight, MVC 3, HTML 5, Internet Explorer 9

[PDF version of the report.]

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Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

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