Research Paper: Does your smartphone say something about you?

Last year in our research we ran accross a study on comparison of different smartphone users and their credit card spending habits. We thought it would be interesting to explore different aspects of our customer’s behavior based on their smartphone preference. Here is the result of our exploration.

With the increasing global adoption of smartphones and the rapidly growing popularity of the mobile tablet, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the user behavior of people who use different mobile operating systems and form factors. However, there is a general lack of research data regarding the differences in user behavior between different mobile operating system users within a defined group of people. In this research paper, based on the results of a September 2010 survey of DiscountASP.NET customers, we explore user behavior differences among .NET web developers based on the smartphone they use, in terms of their mobile technology and mobile application consumption behavior.

Here’s the link to the research paper:

.NET Web Developer’s Smartphone Preference and What it says about their Mobile Technology and Mobile Application Consumption Behavior
Exploring Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android, and Windows Mobile User Behavior

[PDF Version of the paper]

Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

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