We’re always discussing The Cloud around here. There are some who have come to believe The Cloud is a three pound burger but the answer finally came to me today as I was passing a used car lot on my way to the office.

As much as I try, I can’t shake the negative portrayal of the used car salesman who’s attempting to sell a lemon. The whole idea of a “pre-owned” vehicle that I remember hearing back in the 90s always struck me as odd but it was marketing genius and it translates nicely to The Cloud.

I can confirm at this point that The Cloud is not a burger, but instead, it’s a Certified Pre-Owned Internet (CPOI) that has gone through a rigorous 600 point inspection check and doesn’t do anything new or spectacular.

It’s the same old Internet – which isn’t a bad thing – and we’re keeping on top of potential uses to provide effective hosting solutions.

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