Canceling? Tell us why.

Takeshi EtoOur Windows hosting service is a subscription business. And as much as I hate to admit it, we do have customers cancel service. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. All kidding aside, part of running any subscription service is dealing with churn.

At the end of the day, we want your online presence to be successful. We hope that our hosting solution can contribute to your success, but if it doesn’t work for you, we understand.  We certainly don’t want to hold anyone hostage in an undesirable or unworkable situation.

That’s why we make it easy to submit a cancellation request – right from your account Control Panel.

I’m sure you have experienced other subscription services that make it extremely difficult to cancel services. They force you to call during specific hours (never in your time zone), then go through a series of automated phone menus, punching in all sorts of information. When you finally get to speak to someone, you have to confirm or repeat information, provide answers to security questions and sometimes even justify your reasons for leaving! The whole process is painful, and the representative’s job is to convince you to keep your account active, not to help you cancel it.


We don’t employ those Kind of tactics. Mainly because it’s just not cool, but also because the last thing we want to be – even if you’re on your way out – is annoying. We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience associated with DiscountASP.NET.

However, if you do ever cancel service with us, we have one “ask” – and that is to let us know why you canceled. We ask the question not to pry or invade your privacy, but for feedback in order to help improve our service.

If you sold your business or got a new web developer who prefers another host, let us know. If you just hated the service or Control Panel or the way some feature worked, tell us. We can take it! Maybe you just outgrew what we offer, or decided to change your technology stack. Let us know. That’s valuable information to us.


We continuously review the reasons given when people cancel and the information is passed along to our product and operations teams, who use the feedback to help inform our product pipeline and customer support training. Getting feedback from you is really valuable and it helps us to prioritize what we work on or develop.

We realize that if you are leaving you may be thinking, “Hey, I’m leaving, why should I care about helping you?” Well, look at it this way: we are an independent hosting company. We aren’t just another brand name in a huge conglomerate, or a line item for an investment firm. It’s important that independent companies like DiscountASP.NET continue to thrive. It keeps the big conglomerates and the fly-by-night “hosts” honest. And it provides you with a more personal alternative to the giant corporate hosts when you want it.

That’s good for you as a consumer, having that choice, and it’s good for us, for obvious reasons. 😉

And while we’re on the subject, feel free to give us your feedback even if you have no intention of leaving! We love to hear it, and it helps for all the reasons we’ve talked about here.

6 thoughts on “Canceling? Tell us why.

  1. From the beginning, I was going through a growing struggle with the website. In time I finally got it down. Not so much your site situation more that I didn’t have the knowledge of hosting. As time went on I was handed the service accounts of the Landscape Company. As well as the Accounts Payable. Not knowing anything of the system I pretty much left it up to you to say “Hold on” can’t be doing that”. Bottom line is I kept my payments up and up kept sending current tech stuff showing up, the one I’d wish I’d chosen was the Web site back door hacker. Because the prior owner of the design of the web site found the back door and took the entire site and left me zip. I paid the balance due which not sure how much. Tried like hell to explain what had happen and just couldn’t get the folks that was working there to get what was going on. I gave up. I was given the feeling “THAT I WAS THE DUMMY. YOUR PEOPLE WERE SMARTER THAN I WAS. I WANTED ONLY WHAT I THOUGHT WAS OWED TO ME….THE LAST PARITAL PAYMENT” No one could see that. So, I got tired of arguing and took the full payment! That’s it. I was feeling I was the stupid one. Still do. That’s all for now. Look forward to hear from.

    1. Rick, in looking at your ticket history, I see that you asked for a refund and to close an account three months after an annual payment. We don’t usually refund payments that far into the renewal period, but in your case we did provide a prorated refund (your annual fee minus the three months that had passed since payment).

      I don’t see anything in the ticket history that suggests anyone in the billing department was condescending in any way, but if you came away feeling insulted, I’m really sorry about that. That is never our intention, and wasn’t our intention when we worked on closing the account for you.

  2. I really hated leaving you guys but I experienced too long a delay when asking for tech support. It’s been a while but I recall 12-24 hrs being typical, maybe that has changed.

    1. Hi Paul, I see that you had 5 separate accounts with us between 2010 and 2016 (thank you!). There are only 5 tech support tickets related to those accounts, and the longest response time was 4 hours, the shortest was 7 minutes (the average response time was 23 minutes).

      In one of those tickets you were so complimentary about the service that we asked you if we could quote you for a testimonial for the website (you said ‘yes,’ so thanks again).

      When you’re recalling 12 to 24 hour hour support response times, perhaps you’re thinking of another host? 🙂

      1. Hmmmmmmmm… I’m going to check and if I’m mistaken I will absolutely follow up and make a retraction. I do administer and code for many sites. My recollection was that I had a recurrent problem with one site that went back and forth for some time but let me try and reconstruct that. I do know that previously I had been very pleased, which is why I had several sites with you. Thank you for the reply!

  3. Thanks guy for all the job you do. You do it well. Nothing to say.
    Don’t change your control panel 😉 I love it !

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