Announcing Windows 2012 Hosting in Europe

Takeshi Eto windows 2012 hostingOur UK data center expansion work is finally complete so that we can start to introduce more hosting services there.

We launched Managed TFS 2012 hosting in Europe less than two weeks ago, and today we are extremely happy to announce a service many have been waiting for – Windows 2012 hosting is now available in our UK data center!

Our Windows 2012 hosting platform supports the latest Microsoft Web Stack. This means IIS 8, ASP.NET 4.5, Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio Express 2012, WebMatrix 2, MVC 4, Entity Framework 5, ASP.NET Web API, Dynamic IP restriction – and we are also supporting WebSockets and node.js. We also increased the memory allocation for our Windows 2012 hosting platform to 300mb!

If you’re an existing web hosting customer at DiscountASP.NET and want to migrate to the latest Windows 2012 environment, we’ve made that migration easier for you too. In the Control Panel Account Information area, we list the Server Type and you will notice an UPGRADE link there. This link will trigger an automated migration for your site. This is a great example of the extra innovative features that we work on and make available for our customers.

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