Aliens and Jerky in Baker – What more can you ask for?

DevConnections was held in Vegas, so I drove there. Usually, other than the pit stops for gas or bathroom breaks, I don’t stop between Los Angeles and Vegas. But from all my trips to Vegas for conferences this year, I’ve been eyeing this town called Baker because of all the outrageous signs/billboards I see. So on this particular drive back, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to have a look.

So, having seen the Alien Fresh Jerky signs, I HAD to stop by the store. This place is hilarious. In front, they park a yellow Space Trooper car with two aliens sitting in it. Inside they have all sorts of swag, alien news clippings, an alien fortuneteller, area 51 stuff…etc.

But other than being run by aliens, these space visitors make jerky – a lot of different types too. I picked up a couple just to try out. Back at the office, we had people saying it was the best damn jerky they ever had. So next time I go to a conference in Vegas, I’m going to bring back a whole box full of jerky for the office!

Fine dining

Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

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