A Walk Down Search Engine Memory Lane

Since we are on the topic of search engines, how many of you out there remember, HotBot, WebCrawler, DogPile, AllTheWeb, MetaCrawler, or InfoSeek (go.com)?  Better yet, how many of you remember what those search engines look liked back in the 90’s?

I found this pretty cool page that lists some of the most popular search engines in the 90’s (yes, more than just one) , and what their sites looked like throughout the years.  Oh don’t worry you Google fans, if you visit the web page you can see what Google looked like in 1998, when it was in BETA!

So if you’re an Internet old-timer, this link will make you appreciate the search engine evolution that we all had to endure, and for you Internet youngsters out there, well … you will appreciate the fact that you didn’t have to be blinded by the HotBot design.

Mark Medina
Director of Marketing

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