The Cloud is Really on the Ground

With all the talk about the “Cloud” and the very use of the word “Cloud”, one may get the notion that somehow your application and data are just floating around out there in some nebulous fluffy super-connected ether-world. But really, all applications and data will be housed on real physical servers housed in real physical data centers somewhere. The Cloud is tied to a real physical infrastructure.

Here is a photo montage of some of the data centers that are part or will be part of the Microsoft, Google and Amazon Cloud. It is in places like this where the apps and data of the cloud will reside.

But things could change in the near future…

– Your Cloud may be a lot closer to sea level and on water. Google was granted a patent for Water Based data centers that are floating sea-based platforms using the ocean for power and cooling.
– Your Cloud may also go spelunking – that is, go underground.

Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development

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