Tallahassee Code Camp – Lucky #7!

I’d like to say congratulations to the Capital Area .NET User Group of Florida as on October 1, 2011, their 7thAnnual Tallahassee Code Camp will be held at the Louis Shores building on the campus of Florida State University.  Over the past few years, over 150 technical professionals have attended the Tallahassee Code Camp with last year being the biggest, with attendance being just shy of 230.  We have been a sponsor of the Tallahassee Code Camp for the past two years (this will be our third) and it’s great to hear their attendance continues to rise.  We always recommend to developers to take advantage of the free code camps in their local areas as they really are a great way to network, learn and of course job hunt (a lot of recruiters attend code camps).

Currently, the Tallahassee Code Camp has 30 sessions scheduled divided by skill level ranging from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.  Some of the topics covered will be MVC 3.0 with Razor, Agile Estimation and Project Planning, Using SQL CE in a .NET app, Silverlight Reporting, What’s new in SQL Server “Denali” and much more.  In addition to the sessions, breakfast is FREE and lunch is FREE, so if you get hungry, you’re covered.

I know what some people are saying, “Saturdays are for college football”.  This may be true, but if you’re living in the Tallahassee area then you should know that Florida St. does not play that Saturday so there is no reason not to attend the code camp.  You can register for the Tallahassee Code Camp by clicking here.

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