Google Social Networking – If you can’t buy Facebook or Twitter, try to beat them!

We have been trying to be active in the social networking world.  In addition to this blog, we manage our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages.  We even have our own DiscountASP.NET videos web site at, where there is a slew of videos along with partner videos.

There seems to be a new social networking participant on the horizon.  A new rival that could threaten the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and that new participant is Google Buzz.  That’s right, Google is throwing their hat into the social networking ring.

Now I know there are skeptics out there that may laugh at Google buzz because quite frankly very few of their products seem to gain in mass popularity (at least I don’t see them taking off in popularity – uhh, what happened to Google Wave?).  I am also sure that there are people questioning at the fact that Google Buzz shares the same name as the less than stellar Yahoo Buzz.  However, I think Twitter and Facebook do have a legitimate reason to raise their eyebrows in concern.  After all, Gmail users will see the new link, “Buzz”, right below their Inbox.  Because Google will be throwing Google Buzz right in the face of Gmail users, there will be uptake for it.

After reading the following two articles, “Google Buzz: Google Take on Twitter, Facebook & Even Foursquare” and “Liveblogging the Google Buzz Launch” , believe it or not, I think Google Buzz, if done right, can be a hit for Google because some of the interesting features it has.  For instance, because Google has Gmail, you will automatically follow people you email.  This is helpful because it saves time.  The people you email on a regular basis will automatically be able to follow you on Google Buzz.  Another interesting feature is that Google Buzz will use an algorithm to recommend updates/posts from people that you don’t follow.  This is pretty cool because instead of having to search around and look for people that have the same interests as you do, Google Buzz will do that for you.  These are just a few of the interesting features that Google Buzz has that I just don’t see in Twitter and Facebook.

If you have more interest in learning about other Google Buzz features, I highly recommend reading the two articles that I mention here.  Who knows, maybe one day you might see DiscountASP.NET buzzing on Google.

Mark Medina
Marketing Director

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