DiscountASP.NET Customer Profile – Woody Pewitt

Woody Pewitt is the Director of SoCal Code Camp, a non-profit bringing events to Southern California where developers and other technical people get together to learn from each other and national speakers, all for free. We have an interest in SoCal Code Camp for obvious reasons, but Woody and his crew also use our Team Foundation Server hosting to manage the Code Camp site and data. We asked Woody a little bit about what he does…

I am a software developer, started in the DOS days and have come up through Windows and Web Development mostly on the MS stack. You can see the full resume at

When did you become involved with SoCal Code Camp, and did you volunteer or were you drafted? 😉

Myself, Michele Leroux Bustamante and Daniel Egan started SoCal Code Camp in 2005, and yes we volunteered.

Which technologies and tools are you using to build your applications?

We build the web site that manages all details of the events using VS 2010, MS SQL 2008, SilverLight, AJAX, JQuery.

How many developers do you typically have on your team?

2 – 5 depending on the cycle of the events.

Let’s talk about TFS. Why did you choose the DiscountASP.NET TFS hosting solution?

As a distributed team of volunteers we needed a simple to implement system that was easily accessible to everyone.

Did you find it was easy to get up and running?

Yes quite easy, and it’s simple to provision new developers in to the repository.

What do you consider to be the key benefits of using a hosted TFS solution?

The low overhead in management/administration and accessibility.

How does TFS compare to any other source control solutions that you have used?

TFS is extremely complete. We can keep tasks as a backlog and notes in SharePoint so everyone can see what is getting done. We don’t have to hop around systems for all this functionality – it’s all in one place.

Has hosted TFS improved your application development process?

It’s made our codebase accessible and allowed for parallel development. We just could not do this in the past. DiscountASP.NET has been there every step of the way for us and we look forward to working with them for a long time.

What do you do when you aren’t working, writing code, volunteering or otherwise in front of a computer?

I play Lacrosse with my boys and hike that is about it.

Thanks, Woody, for taking a little time to talk to us.

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