AgileDC 2011 – Washington DC, are you ready to get Agile?

Late last year, we launched our Team Foundation Server hosting and we have been absolutely thrilled with the positive feedback that our TFS hosting services has received.   More importantly, with our hosted TFS solution, TFS development teams are able to work with Agile and adopt an Agile approach.  The interest in Agile software development continues to grow and DiscountASP.NET definitely wants to be a contributor to the Agile community.

As part of our contribution, DiscountASP.NET is now sponsoring various TFS user groups and Agile events.  One Agile event that we are sponsoring is AgileDC, which is scheduled to take place on October 26, 2011 at the Kellogg Conference Hotel in Washington DC. At AgileDC, Agile experts and practitioners will explain how software developers can boost their agile technical skills. There will be a variety of tracks covering topics like Agile Engineering Practices, Agile in Government, Enterprise Agile, Agile & Business and yes there is an Introduction to Agile Development as well.

The cost to attend AgileDC is $125 but Manoj Vadakkan from AgileDC has been kind enough to provide us with a discount code that will give our customers a 15% discount.  Simply enter the promo code AgileDCSponsorDASPGuest on the AgileDC registration page and the 15% discount will be applied.  If you are located in the DC area and wish to learn how you can adopt an Agile methodology for your development team, then you should check out this event.

Lastly, if you are involved in any Agile events then please let us know about it as we would be happy to help.

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