2 More Code Camps – Desert Code Camp and the RDU Code Camp

This Saturday, November 5, 2011, there will be two code camps taking place.  First we have the Desert Code Camp which will take place at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Chandler, AZ.  This is the second Desert Code Camp this year and currently there are 83 approved sessions scheduled.  Topics at the Desert Code Camp include .NET, Android, Database, iOS, Mobile and many others.  If you have an interest in web and software development, then this is the place to be, so register today (its FREE!).

Also this Saturday, the RDU Code Camp will be held at the ECPI College of Technology in Raleigh, NC.  Currently there are over 25 talks scheduled throughout the day and the event is expected to host up to 200 Microsoft .NET developers, DBAs, and IT professionals.  There will also be breakfast bagels and coffee, lunch and the all important after party, all for free, so register before its too late.

Code Camps are a great way to meet fellow developers and get involved in your local developer community.  We encourage all developers to attend, speak or volunteer at your local code camps!

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