A new video from the DASPTV video site (note: 9/9/13 – DASPTV is no more, all videos have moved to YouTube).

You know about DASPTV, right? If not, get on over there now and take a look. The primary wrangler of DASPTV is our friend Mark Wisecarver, enthusiast, evangelist, driver of very fast motorcycles and all around bon vivant and man-about-town.

You can suggest videos that you’d like to see, subscribe to an RSS feed and see dozens of informative video tutorials for a wide range of topics related to your DiscountASP.NET account and your web presence in general.


4 Responses to “SQL CE 4 databases, DiscountASP.NET and you”

  1. Thunder in the Mountains 😉

  2. Chris Wells says:

    Trying to view the video results in “This video does not exist.” But this blog entry is on the first result page of https://www.google.com/search?q=discountasp+sql+ce

    • mjp says:

      I’ll have to see if that video made the move from the old dasptv.com site to YouTube. Either way, we’ll get it up there and fix the link here.

      • Chris Wells says:

        I didn’t find a KB article or a user forum on DiscountASP for using/deploying SQL CE. And there don’t think that the SQL CE DLLs are preinstalled there? So to make it work, using MS Visual Web Developer 2010, I did the following:
        1) Created an SQL CE database in App_Data folder, and wrote some ASP.NET code to use it
        2) Used the “Project / Add Deployable Dependencies…” menu option
        3) Disabled the “Exclude files from the App_Data folder” checkbox in the “Publish Web / Settings” dialog (which I’ll reenable later when I don’t want to overwrite the live database).
        The only necessary magic may be the “Project / Add Deployable Dependencies…” option.

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