Silverlight is becoming an important foundational technology for Microsoft and they are betting on Silverlight to power the mobile applications of tomorrow on their upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform. The Silverlight developer will be the core group driving innovation for Microsoft’s new mobile platform. Therefore, it is important for Microsoft and the community to have more insight and knowledge about the Silverlight developer.

In our previous research paper, Profile of Silverlight Adopters and Implications for Windows Phone 7 Applications Development Strategies, we focused our USA-based customers and reported on their attitudes and perceptions of Microsoft’s mobile strategy.

Just recently, new research results are starting to get published about the mobile developer’s attitudes and perceptions on different mobile platforms and on the mobile application development enterprise. There are interesting findings in studies from Appcelerator and VisionMobile, for instance. We believe that this type of research will accelerate as the mobile marketplace continues to heat up.

To add to this ongoing conversation, in our new research article, we take a more global view and report our observations on our customer’s mobile application development experience, interest level in developing Windows Phone 7 applications, and Windows Phone 7 application category interests. We found that the interest level in the types of mobile applications our customers desire to build varies depending on their global region.

Here is a link to the research article:

Windows Phone 7 Application Category Interests of Global ASP.NET Developers

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Takeshi Eto
VP Marketing and Business Development


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  1. […] What isn’t visible when you pick up a phone and play with it, is how powerful the software running on it is, and the developer base that comes along with it. Silverlight adoption is strong. In addition to computers and the Xbox, you can even see it being used at gas station pumps and in new cars. Given the low barrier to entry when coming from a .NET background, as demand further grows, even more developers will add Silverlight to their toolbox. […]

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