Managing an FTP site as a local drive

Tonny FuseinThis article will show you how to manage your FTP site by mounting it as a local drive on your computer. This gives you the flexibility of moving the files around like you would with normal windows files.

Download and install the Netdrive application on your local computer. This application is free for non-commercial use.

Once download and installed, configure Netdrive to access your site via FTP. These are the same settings you would use for any other FTP clients.

Put a check mark on the “automatic login” options so the FTP will be mounted as a Windows drive every time you start Windows.

Once connected, you will see that the FTP root of your site is now mounted as a Windows drive with the drive letter assigned by the Netdrive app.

To unmount the drive, simply go back to Netdrive and hit disconnect. Don’t be alarmed by the drive size;  Netdrive has it fixed at 512GB, so this won’t reflect your actual disk space on the server.

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