Michael PhillipsIf you have a Facebook account, you are likely familiar with their new “timeline” design. They recently made timelines available for company pages, so we thought we’d take the opportunity that the new format provides to toot our own horn a bit.

So to inaugurate the new page design we’re doing our own top ten list; The top ten reasons to host with DiscountASP.NET. Our Facebook page will change every day for the next ten days, revealing a new reason every day.

On day 10 we’ll make the complete “top ten” graphic available here in the blog as a download, and we’ll also give you the details of a fun (no, really) contest that you can participate in, with a chance to win a wonderful and marvelous prize that will warm the heart of any geek.

So take a look at our Facebook page over the coming days, and check back here on the blog on April 6th for the contest details.

And no, I can’t tell you what the prize is, so don’t ask!


4 Responses to “Facebook: it’s kind of like Google Plus, only with half a billion more users”

  1. mia says:

    tweet them too pls. love to hear funny ones

  2. mjp says:

    Oh, now see, it would have been good if they were funny. Why didn’t I think of that?

    But even though they are not funny at all, or even slightly amusing, you can still win the Kindle Fire, and that might make you smile.

    Check back for details in an upcoming post.

  3. Chris Lee says:

    Awesome idea!!!! Very cool post.

  4. […] Back in March I wrote about our new Facebook brand page design. I promised to tell you about a contest that we’re running around the new design, and here it is. […]

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