Takeshi Eto Visual Studio Industry PartnerWe are extremely proud to announce that DiscountASP.NET has been accepted to the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program.

With our acceptance into the VSIP program, we join a group of about 200 partners who develop components, controls, Visual Studio plug-ins that help developers and developer teams be more productive. We are proud to be the first TFS hosting and web hosting provider to join the VSIP program.

Participation in the VSIP program gets us early previews of new products, insights on Microsoft developer and industry research, and allows us to take advantage of many technical benefits, such as an MSDN subscription and a series of developer labs in Redmond.

We view our VSIP membership important to show our commitment to stay on top of new Microsoft-related technologies, to  maintain a strong partnership with Microsoft, and to help strengthen  our goal to help improve application lifecycle management for Microsoft  developers.


3 Responses to “DiscountASP.NET Joins Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program”

  1. Jason Weber says:

    We’ll gladly accept the extra benefits such as plugins and whatever that may come to fruition with this new partnership between DiscountASP and VS!

  2. Takeshi Eto says:

    We’ll be working on exploring all sorts of opportunities. If you have any suggestions please do drop us a line and let us know your thoughts.

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