Michael PhillipsOne of the cool features in Google+ is “Hangouts.” Hangouts are basically multi-person video chats.

We have a few ideas for cool Hangouts on specific topics, but to get our feet wet and see what you might want to talk about, we’re going to host a no-topic virtual free-for-all Hangout on Thursday, February 2nd at 2 p.m. Pacific time. Mark your calendar and stop by.

What will it be like? What will we talk about? I have no idea. It could be cool, or it could be an #epicfail. Either way, don’t you want to witness it? Satisfy your morbid curiosity at our expense.

Scheduled to participate:

Frank (CEO/CTO)
Jaime (Technical support specialist)
Joe (Team Foundation Server specialist)
John (Marketing Manager)
Michael (Developer)
Ray (Technical support specialist)
Takeshi (President, VP of Marketing)
and yours truly (Director of Communications)

As you can see, we’re bringing out the big guns for this one, so here’s your chance to see and speak to some of the people who run this joint.

You have to join our circles on Google Plus in order to participate, so get yourself in there before the Hangout starts.


4 Responses to “Come hang out with us”

  1. Tom says:

    Hang out with you squares, maybe, but I refuse to chat with that metro sexual looking dude or chic in the pick.

  2. mjp says:

    I know, right? Well, s/he’s not invited, so don’t worry.

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