Mark MedinaOften times we receive questions from customers asking if registering a domain name for more than one year has any positive impact on a web site’s search engine rankings.  Unfortunately it is often claimed that multi-year domain registrations improve domain authority, thus having a positive impact on a site’s search engine optimization.  I would like to clarify that the number of years a domain is registered for has extremely minimal, if any, impact on SEO.

In an article titled “Google Says Domain Registrations Don’t Affect SEO, Or Do They?” Google’s very own Matt Cutts is quoted:

“To the best of my knowledge, no search engine has ever confirmed that they use length-of-registration as a factor in scoring. If a company is asserting that as a fact, that would be troubling”

Here is a short video where Matt gets into a little more detail regarding this topic:

I think the key takeaway from the video is when Matt says:

“Make great content and don’t worry nearly as much about how many years your domain is registered for. Just because someone is sending you an email that says Google does or even may use this in ranking, does not mean that you should automatically take them at face value. What makes a really big difference is the quality of your site and the sort of links that you have pointing to you, not, you know, is my site registered for three or four years, instead of one or two years.”

I don’t think Matt could have made the point any clearer: MAKE GREAT CONTENT – and build quality links.


Mark MedinaThis weekend there are two kick ass developer events that DiscountASP.NET is proud to sponsor, but even better, the Microsoft-famous Scott Hanselman will be giving the keynote at both!

The first event is the Dallas Day of .NET.  Don’t be fooled by the name, the Dallas Day of .NET is actually a TWO day event taking place on March 9, 2012 and March 10, 2012.  Scott will be giving the opening day keynote and is also scheduled to present at a session titled “Making Your Blog Suck Less”.  I can tell you that the first step to making your blog suck less is to host it at DiscountASP.NET (duh!).  The Dallas Day of .NET was sold out; however, they have just re-opened registration so you can sign up now.

Further up the road, the Nebraska Code Camp 2.0 will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the keynote speaker will be none other than…Scott Hanselman!  Scott will be in Dallas on March 9 and on March 10 will be in Lincoln, Nebraska.  In addition to the Hanselman led keynote, there will be tons of other sessions ranging from .NET development to developing phone apps.  There will also be an after party at Lazlo’s in the Haymarket.  Code Camps are always free but you do need to register.


Mark Medina DiscountASP.NET is proud to be a sponsor of this Saturday’s South Florida Code Camp which is presented by the Florida.NET User Group.  This is the 8th year for the this one day geek fest so if you’re a .NET developer in the South Florida area, then you should make your way out to Nova University.

A few of the topics that will be discussed include ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, SQL 2008 R2 – hey, these are features that we support!!   According to the agenda, 14 rooms will each have 6 sessions throughout the day for a total of 84 sessions, so there is no doubt there will be a session for developers of all skill levels.  Oh, and don’t forget about the party after the code camp.  The after party details are only given to attendees, so if you want to party, then go to the code camp.  To register for the South Florida Code Camp, click here (it’s free to register)


Mark MedinaThis weekend we will be at the SoCal Code Camp on the campus of Cal State Fullerton in Fullerton, CA.  The SoCal Code Camp itself is two days with tons of talks, prizes and giveaways (don’t forget about the traditional Geek Dinner which will be on Saturday evening).

We will there on Saturday (not Sunday) and we will be there in full force as me, Takeshi, John, Michael and a few others from DiscountASP.NET will be on site, attending sessions, manning our table so come out, talk to us, ask us questions, buy us lunch 😉

Also, Takeshi will be presenting on Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm.  The title of his talk is “Q&A with ASP.NET Web Hosting Provider, DiscountASP.NET“, so if you don’t get a chance to talk to us at our table, feel free to stop by and ask your questions.

I want to stress, his talk is NOT, I repeat, is NOT, a sales pitch.  That is not the purpose of Takeshi’s talk.  Personally, I hate when I go to a conference and the talk becomes a sales pitch.  Don’t get me wrong, you can ask questions about DiscountASP.NET and how and why we do certain things, but this is also the time to ask questions about the hosting industry (and where it’s going), domain names, Microsoft, app development, deployment, etc.

Takeshi has been in the hosting industry since 1998 so he definitely has the experience (i.e. he’s old) and can provide insight into the hosting industry.

There is no reason not to attend this Saturday’s SoCal Code Camp.  The event is free, tons of fellow developers will be on hand (think networking opportunities), there is no football this weekend, the weather is supposed to be good and we’re gonna be there.  What more do you need?


This Saturday, November 5, 2011, there will be two code camps taking place.  First we have the Desert Code Camp which will take place at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Chandler, AZ.  This is the second Desert Code Camp this year and currently there are 83 approved sessions scheduled.  Topics at the Desert Code Camp include .NET, Android, Database, iOS, Mobile and many others.  If you have an interest in web and software development, then this is the place to be, so register today (its FREE!).

Also this Saturday, the RDU Code Camp will be held at the ECPI College of Technology in Raleigh, NC.  Currently there are over 25 talks scheduled throughout the day and the event is expected to host up to 200 Microsoft .NET developers, DBAs, and IT professionals.  There will also be breakfast bagels and coffee, lunch and the all important after party, all for free, so register before its too late.

Code Camps are a great way to meet fellow developers and get involved in your local developer community.  We encourage all developers to attend, speak or volunteer at your local code camps!


This Saturday, October 29, 2011, and Iowa.NET present Iowa Code Camp #8 (@iowacodecamp). This code camp will be held at the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) in West Des Moines, Iowa from 8am to 5:30pm. As of right now there are 300+ registered attendees for this free event, and there is room for more.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to network with other web developers, there are also 30+ scheduled presentations covering such topics as MVVM, Entity Framework 4.1, LINQ, 20 ways to make your site faster and more.  Also, feel free to download the Iowa Code Camp app so you can see detailed information about sessions and speakers:

Registration for the code camp is absolutely FREE (and there will be free giveaways), so before you eat your fill of Halloween candy, make sure you get your dose of geeky fun at the Iowa Code Camp.


Houston TechFest 2011!

On October 14, 2011, in Announcements, Technical, by Mark

A few days ago I blogged about the Socal Code Camp, but another stellar event will be held this Saturday – The 2011 Houston TechFest!  The Houston Tech Fest is the premier technical event in the Houston area designed for IT professionals, executives, business users, consultants and of course developers.  The focus is to bring technology experts and IT professionals together to discuss current and future technologies.  Even better, this is a FREE EVENT!   As of right now, there are approximately 1,000 people registered for the Houston TechFest but it is expected that 1,200 attendees will be on hand.

The keynote speaker for this Saturday’s Houston TechFest is Jeffrey Richter, co-founder of Wintellect and author of a number of books such as “CLR via C#”, “The Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming C# Collection” and “Applied Microsoft .NET Programming in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET”.  In addition to the keynote speaker, there are approximately 90 sessions scheduled for the day (not bad for one day).  The session tracks cover such topics as .NET, SQL Server, Cloud Computing, Agile, Mobile Communications and more.

If the keynote and various presentations aren’t enough, there will be recruiters from the Houston area present so attendees are encouraged to bring their resumes.  Also, don’t forget about the prizes that attendees can win.  Some of the prizes that will be given away include a trip to Vegas, Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect, iPods, component suites and more.  Last but not least, lunch will be provided to all registered attendees.

The 2011 Houston TechFest will be held at the University of Houston and registration is absolutely FREE.  Preregistration is closed but you may still register on site on Saturday.


This weekend, October 15 and 16, the two day SoCal Code Camp is back at the University of Southern California (Fight on Trojans!). Because this is in our backyard, we will definitely be there. Our presence this time will not be limited to the usual manning of our table and saying hello to fellow ASP.NET developers. Yes, we will still have a table, so definitely please feel free to stop by, HOWEVER this year we decided to crank this thing to 11, so we will be presenting two sessions that are near and dear to our hearts.

Our first session will be presented by our in-house TFS guru, Joseph Jun; “Getting Started with Team Foundation Server”. We launched our hosted TFS solution last year and often times we get questions about how remotely hosted TFS works. In this session Joe will demonstrate some of the core functionality of TFS on a live, remotely hosted TFS server, including Build Server features. Joe’s presentation starts on Saturday morning at 8:45am, which may be a wee bit early but don’t fret, we will have coffee at our table. So prior to Joe’s talk, come by, grab a cup of coffee to get you going and then head off to listen and learn how to get started with Team Foundation Server.

Our second presentation, “Q&A with ASP.NET Web Hosting Provider, DiscountASP.NET,” will be presented by our very own Takeshi Eto, along with other members of the DiscountASP.NET staff. Essentially, this is your chance to grill the crap out of us. We will answer your questions about application development, server maintenance, domains, web hosting, the hosting industry – from our point of view as a hosting provider. Takeshi and some other members of our staff have been in the hosting industry for almost 15 years, so they’ve pretty much seen it all. They will give you straight, honest answers regarding the tough and competitive industry that is web hosting.

The SoCal Code Camp will also be packed with tons of other sessions throughout the weekend (last year, there were over 100 sessions) as well as Saturday night’s Geek Dinner at Casey’s Base and Grill. You are encouraged to get there early on Saturday morning as the first 150 who check-in will gain admittance to the dinner. Last but not at least, don’t forget about the giveaways and Sunday afternoon’s lunch and afternoon raffle prizes.

As always, code camps are FREE, but registration is appreciated. Click Here to register for the SoCal Code Camp. See you this weekend!

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